Mushroom Saute

by yessewilson

Here is a great way to prepare everyone’s favorite freaky space vegetable: mushrooms! This was taught to me by the talented sous chef at my restaurant.


Vegetable Oil

Mushrooms (any work but my favorites are crimini and oyster)

Chicken stock (no substitution for real stock but the Kitchen Basics brand is solid)

White Wine (optional)

Chopped garlic

Picked and chopped thyme

Picked and Chopped Parsley (optional)


MOP (Method of Preparation):

Cut off stems of mushrooms and quarter or half them depending on the size of the mushroom. The size of the pieces is not important so much as their 1

Heat up an iron clad pan with the burner on as high as it will go. Wait til the pan is screaming hot then add the vegetable oil and let that heat up. [A good way to tell if oil is hot enough is to dip your fingers in water then flick it into the oil. If it sizzles and instantly evaporates you are good to go. ]

Add the mushrooms into the pan. Make sure not to crowd them. If the mushrooms are too close they will steam each other with the moisture that the hot pan causes them to release rather than giving you the delicious caramelization from the sautéing process.

photo 3

Once the mushrooms look to be about halfway cooked, add the garlic and herbs. These really only need to cook for a very short time. Add the chicken stock (and wine if possible) and deglaze the pan with a metal tool (a metal spatula is most efficient). After you have deglazed the pan add a healthy pat of butter and let it melt down and continue to cook the mushrooms until they are done.

This is a recipe that has to be done in batches but it goes pretty quick.

Bon appetit!

photo 4